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Show your appreciation! Let the hard work get paid off. Give them those precious certificates that will speak of their achievement for years to come. Certificates are the symbol of pride and recognition. So get them from a premier provider- Backdrop! We design and print certificates of premium quality with professional accuracy and beautiful print. Our certificates are thick, and are durable. They never turn yellow, perfect to be preserved for ages.

Boost the morale of your team members and workforce with online printed certificates that can be customized as per your need. Reward the ‘Employee of the Month,’ or ‘Sales Person of the Year,” “Best New Employee” or any other. The certificates from us are designed to bestow a sense of pride and you can expect the person awarded to cherish to truly cherish the accomplishment. Celebrate the hard work and contribution. Make sure that the recipients of the certificate can have them for a long time by investing in the best certificates designed and printed from us. Let the certificates become lifetime memorabilia to remind the worth. We have certificates for every achievement. From professional degrees and diplomas to fillable sports day participation certificates, we got you covered.

A school certificate or sports certificate is something that is going to hang on the wall forever. So choose the best certificates from us. Give your certificates a touch of class with borders, seals, and the logo of your school. Make them worth keeping and be proud of.

How to design a custom made certificate

Select a template

To send a design of yours first browse online and select different themes and styles of certificate designs. You can select the layout that you want.

Personalize the design

Use our drag and drop tools to easily choose the design that you need. You can change the text, font, colors, and backgrounds as you desire with just a few clicks.

Make it more special

Add images, graphics, photos, icons, illustrations and vectors to make your design more appealing. You can always edit your design any time before being printed.

Upload it to us

When you have decided upon the layout, design and other elements you can upload your design as a PDF, JPG or PNG file to us and we will make a professionally designed custom certificate based on your inputs exactly as you saw it on the screen. You will receive it at your doorstep as you imagined it to be. If you need multiple names to be printed on the certificate upload as an Excel file of the names so that you need not generate multiple artworks. Printing certificates has never been this easier. Place your order now and reward your most deserving candidates.


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Certificate Dimensions

All our custom certificate templates measure 29.7 × 21 cm or 11 × 8.5 inches. The certificates are optimized for high-quality and  full-color printing


You can choose the background color. They come as Full/Multi printed according to your need. The font color can be a beautiful contrast for the certificates to look beautiful.

Style & Font

We have tons of fonts available to design your special certificates of appreciation. All you need to do is to choose the style and font.

Paper Quality

High quality parchment paper is used to lend a theme of importance and to make them unique and important. Our bright white papers are of the best grade and are more opaque which results in less bleed-through. Plus, these papers provide superior brightness, enhanced richness, and greater smoothness. They will not only feel luxurious but also appear visually stunning.

 Portrait Custom Printed Certificate

Get the best Portrait Certificates at the lowest prices only through us. They come in size A4 (8.3x11). We use 300GSM art cards. The certificates can be printed with or without names. The mounting varies from 3mm to 5mm. Printing can be done on single or on both sides. They are available in lamination none, matte or gloss finish.

Landscape Custom Printed Certificate

Get a “Performer of the Month” or “Training Completion Certificate” or “Topper of the Class” certificates. Whatever the achievement is, we have certificates for all. The landscape custom printed certificates come in high quality papers in standard size.

 Excellent Deliverance 

Our certificates are printed with exceptional clarity and appeal to all the eyes. The feel of paper quality is truly luxurious. Certificates that everyone will be proud of. 

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